Free Desktop Sharing

Free desktop sharing software allows you to host web conferences and collaborate in real time with others around the world for free. Desktop sharing has many applications including remote support, remote control, presentations, collaboration and holding online meetings.

The following is a collection of free desktop sharing applications.

Beam Your Screen - Beam Your Screen offers a 7 day free trial account that allows you test out their desktop sharing software. Registration is required before you're able to download the software. After the 7 day free trial expires you're able to purchase a monthly license begining at $30.00 per month plus a $50.00 fee per license. The licensing priaces range based on the number of users you itend to collaborate with.

CrossLoop - Cross loop is a consumer internet company that provides a variety of services such a virus removal, wireless set up and Windows 7 support. They offer free desktop sharing softare that you can use between your self and their customer service staff or between your self and your friends. The software appears to be limited to 1 on 1 desktop sharing but it is completely free.

GoToMeeting - GoToMeeting boasts a quick and simple 2 minute setup of their desktop sharing software. They allow you to take advantage of free desktop sharing during their 30 day trial. Registration is required before you can download their software. After the 30 day trial you have the option to purchase either a monthly plan for $49/mo or yearly for $468 ($39/mo). Their service allows you to hold a meeting and share your desktop between 15 users per meeting.

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LogMeIn - LogMeIn offers two sets of packages: one for personal use and one for business. They also offer a range of products including an iPhone app that allows to control your computer remotely. The also offer a 100% free desktop sharing application called "LogMeIn Free". The software is a lite version of "LogMeIn Pro" which includes additional features such as file transfers, remote sounds and local printing. LogMeIn packages begin at $69.95 per PC.

Lotus Sametime - Lotus Sametime is a service offered by IBM that allows for online collaboration and desktop charing. The also offer a desktop sharing for free. Their free desktop sharing software allows for simple one-on-one application viewing, which makes it great for personal use.

Mikogo - Mikogo is rapidly becoming on of the most popular desktop sharing tools on the internet today. Mikogo offers free desktop sharing for both personal and commercial use with up to 10 participants per session. Other features include file transfers, session recording and playback, presenter switching, whiteboard and many others.

Real VNC - RealVNC is a remote control application. While both personal and commercial versions of their application are not free they do offer a lite version that is free. Desktop sharing via the RealVNC product is limited to one-on-one communication and because it is a self hosted application it limited your ability to fully utilize with VPN networks. The software si ideal for anyone looking to connect to another computer withing their own home.

ScreenStream - ScreenStream is another application that offers absolutely free desktop sharing. It works similarly to remote control applications with a few added benefits. You can control who has access to the session via an optional access code, allows for audio streaming so others can hear you, and has no limit on the number of users that can connect to your session (you're only limited by your bandwidth). This combination of features makes it an ideal choice for both personal and small business use.

ShowMyPC - ShowMyPC primarily offers different premium desktop sharing packages plus a very limited version of their free desktop sharing service. Some of the limitations include a 1 hour max session duration, no concurrent meetings, and limited use of file transfers and white board. The service is hosted by ShowMyPC servers which makes it ideal for anyone looking to collaborate with users from a variety of networks and locations.

Additional Free Desktop Sharing Tools